Monday, January 28, 2008

Drop Dem' Beats Mr. D.J: Vinnie Myoo

Drop Dem' Beats Mr. D.J: Vinnie Myoo

[14:19] Vila Demonge: Lol Your place looks like a crack house

[14:19] Vinnie Myoo: thats the idea haha
[14:19] Vinnie Myoo: sorry about the blood haha my roomie had her period
[14:20] Vinnie Myoo: she didnt clean up after herself
[14:21] Vila Demonge: hmm thats..classy
[14:21] Vila Demonge: So you dj here?
[14:22] Vinnie Myoo: haha yeah i DJ here at overdose monday's and tuesdays at 12 pm -1 pm and at 7 pm - 9 pm

[14:23] Vila Demonge: cool
[14:23] Vila Demonge: How long have you been a dj?
[14:23] Vinnie Myoo: I've been Djing for about 4 months
[14:23] Vila Demonge: Do you make a lot of l?
[14:24] Vinnie Myoo: Sometimes, i spent it pretty fast haha put trying to save up for my own club one day.
[14:25] Vila Demonge: Wil the theme also be...crack house??
[14:25] Vinnie Myoo: Yeah i like the Grunge Dirty look haha
[14:26] Vila Demonge: Do alot of girls hit on you as you dj?

[14:26] Vinnie Myoo: Yeah alot haha gets annoying haha
[14:27] Vila Demonge: You are single right?
[14:27] Vinnie Myoo: yeah
[14:28] Vinnie Myoo: being single is less drama haha unless i find someone i can stand being around alot
[14:29] Vila Demonge: Would you believe im a virgin?
[14:29] Vinnie Myoo: What do you mean?
[14:29] Vinnie Myoo: ops read that wrong
[14:29] Vinnie Myoo: take that out of the interview haha
[14:29] Vila Demonge: lol
[14:29] Vinnie Myoo: I really dont know
[14:30] Vila Demonge: alright, just wondering
[14:30] Vinnie Myoo: being a virgin or not to me isnt importent hehe
[14:30] Vila Demonge: I was joking, lol
[14:30] Vila Demonge: Bakc to being a dj.
[14:30] Vinnie Myoo: okay
[14:30] Vila Demonge: where do you get your wide variety of songs from?
[14:31] Vinnie Myoo: I use 3 Sharing Programs Mp3 Rocket, FrostWire, and Ares plus the large collection of CDs
[14:32] Vila Demonge: How many songs in total would you say you need to start being a dj?
[14:33] Vinnie Myoo: I would say atleast 300 when i started djing i only had about 400 songs and now i am about 4000 songs
[14:33] Vila Demonge: sweet
[14:34] Vila Demonge: Can you show me around the club?
[14:35] Vinnie Myoo: sure, its pretty pack at the moment, and really laggy, i could show you around a few other clubs i dj at such as Social scene, and Resurextion which isnt as busy as Overdose
[14:35] Vila Demonge: Alright tp me
[14:37] Vinnie Myoo: This is Club Resurextion

[14:38] Vinnie Myoo: here i play From Old School punk to hardcore Punk
[14:40] Vinnie Myoo: and over at social scene i play wednesdays at noon-2 the Ska event and fridays noon - 2 i play Punk and Oi
[14:41] Vila Demonge: Cool
[14:41] Vila Demonge: this place dosent seem as grimey
[14:43] Vila Demonge: what other skills does a sl dj Need to have besides a nice music Library?
[14:43] Vinnie Myoo: Passion for the music he/she plays
[14:43] Vinnie Myoo: Everything i play i love
[14:44] Vinnie Myoo: also some djs talk and some dont, i dont talk when i dj i have a large collection of movie clips and play them instead
[14:45] Vinnie Myoo: but if someone wants to start djing and want to talk, dont talk alot its annoying haha i believe people want to hear the music not our crappy voice
[14:45] Vila Demonge: lol

[14:46] Vinnie Myoo: I knew this dj who would sing over the song through his mic haha
[14:46] Vinnie Myoo: it was really annoying
[14:46] Vinnie Myoo: alot of djs are in love with their voice
[14:46] Vila Demonge: lol
[14:47] Vila Demonge: As A dj, do you ge tpaid per hour or what?
[14:47] Vinnie Myoo: I only get paid by tips but some are paid by hour like my Roommate tinker she is paid per hour
[14:48] Vila Demonge: well thanks :]
[14:48] Vila Demonge: So you agrre you can be successful as dj?
[14:49] Vinnie Myoo: oh yes very
[14:49] Vinnie Myoo: i make sometimes 6k a night but a normal night is about 1.5kL$
[14:49] Vinnie Myoo: for a 2 hour gig
[14:49] Vila Demonge: Thanks Vinnie
[14:50] Vila Demonge blows a kiss
[14:50] Vinnie Myoo: Np

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Escort Empowerment:Kayla Perenti

Escort Empowerment:Kayla Perenti

[14:25] Vila Demonge: So Kayla You are an Escort at Platinum Escort Club Right?
[14:25] Kayla Perenti: Yes, I started there a couple of months ago now at least
[14:26] Vila Demonge: Alright Now how long have you been an escort in second life over all?
[14:27] Kayla Perenti: I started escorting soon after I first came onto SL, so that would around December of 2006

[14:29] Vila Demonge: Really? now thats awhile. When we first saw you on your escort adboard a week ago Your pictures were beatiful and caught our eye. what advice would you give to a Young resident wanting to become an escort?
[14:30] Kayla Perenti: Escorting is all about image and attitude, so any new escort coming onto SL would first have to take the time to procure a high quality skin and hair, then obviously spend the time making sure your shape is proportional and sex, last but not least, clothes make the avatar.
[14:31] Vila Demonge: or lack there of
[14:31] Vila Demonge: lol
[14:31] Kayla Perenti: The attitude though is also very important, you have to be fliratious and outgoing, and willing to make your clients happy. Since SL is mainly a text based medium, good roleplaying skills are a must
[14:32] Kayla Perenti: oh with no clothes your avatars shapes truly shine :)
[14:32] Vila Demonge: Do you ever feel guilt or remorse after "turning a trick"
[14:33] Kayla Perenti: No not at all, the clients i have on here want to experience my services, it's not a shameful thing on either end
[14:34] Vila Demonge: Thats good to hear, im shure all of us have had at least one that only logged on to get off
[14:34] Kayla Perenti: oh yes, that does happen
[14:34] Vila Demonge: and then was never heard from again
[14:34] Vila Demonge: So how do you go about charging your customers?
[14:35] Kayla Perenti: I always charge upfront before I start the scening, I always ask clients nicely to pay and they are more than willing to
[14:36] Vila Demonge: Not to be nosey but what would you say your client base is mostley made up of?
[14:37] Kayla Perenti: most clients are male avatars, there are some women. Most clients are submissive in nature and like to be Dommed.
[14:37] Kayla Perenti: I do specialize in that, however
[14:38] Vila Demonge: Are their things that you wouldnt do for all the lindens in the world?
[14:38] Kayla Perenti: yes I don't do cam, nor do I do age play or any snuff or extreme violence roleplay

[14:39] Vila Demonge: Yes, I do find it very strange when girls are showing their rl pics w/ boobs hanging out all over the place
[14:39] Vila Demonge: I belive rl is rl and sl is sl
[14:40] Kayla Perenti: yes, it seems that the RL cam industry is getting more into SL now and taking over spots that regular text based escorts would normally get
[14:40] Kayla Perenti: I honestly don't know how well they are doing though
[14:40] Kayla Perenti: I believe in the seperationg of SL and RL as well
[14:40] Vila Demonge: yes their are quit a few popping up
[14:41] Kayla Perenti: separation is the key

[14:41] Kayla Perenti: there are still plenty of clients who appreciate a good text based roleplay though
[14:42] Vila Demonge: How else would you reccomend girls attract clients and make the experience special?
[14:42] Kayla Perenti: if you are dancing in a club, flirt with anyone who enters, make it entertaining for them to watch you, and then most likely that client will want to go private with you
[14:43] Kayla Perenti: and practice roleplaying, your clients will appreciate your attention to detail

[14:43] Kayla Perenti: and they will come back for more
[14:43] Vila Demonge: Do you have many repeat clients?
[14:44] Kayla Perenti: yes I do, most of my clients come back for multiple sessions
[14:45] Vila Demonge: How much does an average session cost, ie: how much would it take for me to get you upstairs :p
[14:45] Vila Demonge: lol
[14:45] Kayla Perenti laughs
[14:45] Kayla Perenti: my average cost is 1200L per half hour
[14:46] Vila Demonge: So you make quite a living here in sl?
[14:46] Kayla Perenti: yes I have a house in a nice secluded location that I share with my partner, she and I are both escorts and do well for ourselves.

[14:47] Kayla Perenti: escorting pays our rent bills and still leaves us extra disposable income
[14:47] Vila Demonge: What Is her sl name?
[14:47] Kayla Perenti: Mind Voom
[14:48] Vila Demonge: She also works at platinum escort club?
[14:48] Kayla Perenti: she has an Ad right next time mine at Platinum
[14:48] Kayla Perenti: yes she does
[14:49] Vila Demonge: So all in all you do believe that being an escort in sl is an empowering experience?
[14:49] Kayla Perenti: oh yes I do, you can make a living from it and have the gift of making many clients happy in the process
[14:50] Vila Demonge: Well There you have it Ladies&Gents Kayla Perenti, A Succesful, Happy, Powerful, Female Escort!
[14:51] Kayla Perenti smiles
[14:51] Kayla Perenti: thank you Vila

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